Agile is a Cloud-based and data-driven BIM platform for next-generation VDC. Connect BIM data with your design review workflow seamlessly and coherently.

Liberate BIM Data for

Cloud-based and data-driven BIM platform for next-generation VDC.
Connect BIM data with design review workflow seamlessly and coherently.

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Virtual Design Review

Manage and resolve design issues across multiple BIM environments on a Cloud-powered collaboration platform.

Streamlined 3D Experience

Navigating large-scale BIM models in web browser is blazingly fast and smooth with versatile 3D navigation tools.

Agile Methodology

Keep your BIM review workflow well-organised and fully-tracked on Kanban board and enhance team visibility and efficiency.

Data Democratisation

Liberate data from proprietary BIM formats and build your own custom tools with our market-leading BIM database.

Pluginless Technology

Stick to web browser and get rid of various plugins. Interact with every BIM software in one single user interface.

Interactive Showcase

Engage your stakeholders with interactive and intuitive Augmented/Virtual Reality visualisation to facilitate communication.

See how products can work for you

Products for different teams, whether you are a BIM manager, a digital specialist, or a developer. Agile Agile is a Cloud-based BIM issue tracking platform that streamlines the traditional design review process. BIM managers, drafters, designers, and engineers can work together to track down and close out design issues across multiple BIM environments. This gives project team better visibility to “who is responsible for what and by when” for more effective multi-disciplinary coordination and communication. Learn more Viewer Viewer is a full-fledged online BIM model viewer that truly works for every project member. BIM is not exclusive to BIM managers and technicians. Every project team member needs an easy-to-use design review tool to interrogate, share, embed, and query BIM data without getting hands dirty. Learn more Reality Reality is an interactive 3D visualisation tool that animates Digital Twin in real-world environment. Every BIM model hosted on Viewer can be displayed and manipulated in Augmented Reality in minutes with just a mobile device. Learn more works with the most frequently used tools, formats, and devices

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Issue Management Agile introduces a new way to keep your BIM review workflow well-organised, transparent, and fully-tracked. Working in a team environment called Channel, you can assign issues to project team members who can interrogate BIM models in preferred BIM software as well as using's full-fledged online model viewer. With the cutting-edge Pluginless technology, users can instantly create markups and open saved viewpoints across multiple BIM environments to resolve issues iteratively. Your digital transformation journey to a BIM-oriented, Cloud-powered, and data-driven virtual design review is ready to go!

BIM for Everyone! Viewer offers an effortless way to view your BIM model online. No software installation is required. Producing digital deliverables doesn’t mean you have to send around electronic files. How many times did your recipients have problems opening a design file in a proprietary format? Have you ever transferred or received a file being blocked or corrupted? It is also a hidden cost if we spend time on solving file exchange issues. You can upload a BIM model and share it with your clients, engineers, and senior staffs via a secure link to access a lightweight and user-friendly BIM review tool.

Stakeholder Engagement Reality is a web-based, full-featured, easy-to-use Augmented Reality application that overlays BIM models into the physical world — as if they’re actually there with you, in your own space. It is the best stakeholder engagement tool that offers interactivity and intuitiveness for facilitating 3D model navigation and design review. Creating a project showcase has never been easier as it enables stakeholders to experience engineering design with just a mobile device. It is simple, intuitive, and does not require a lot of training. Project participants can make more effective decisions much faster.

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  • was natively built for BIM and born to be a cloud solution that ensures extensibility, reliability, and scalability for digital engineering implementation.
  • We aim to simplify account and licence management to reduce your additional workload. Move away from costly desktop software packages today.
  • We are a team of domain experts who can provide technical advice, timely assistance, and comprehensive documentation to support your digital transformation.
  • is GDPR compliant. Our commitment to privacy meets the highest standards of information security, data privacy, and transparency.
  • You have full control over your data stored on Data is transferred over a secure HTTPS connection that uses the industry standard SSL encryption technology.

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