Viewer is a full-fledged online BIM model viewer that truly works for every project member. Share and access your BIM data via browser effortlessly and securely.

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Free BIM model viewer for everyone! Share and access your BIM data via browser effortlessly and securely. No sign-up required.

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Cross-platform Design Review

Create markups with annotation tools and open interoperable saved viewpoints in different BIM software.

Streamlined Experience

Navigate through your engineering design in web browser intuitively and effortlessly with versatile 3D navigation tools.

Seamless Integration

Built with BIM in mind, supports various authoring tools and formats and can be embedded almost everywhere.

Performance Optimisation

Model manipulation is blazingly fast and smooth over the internet with the market-leading BIM-lite database.

Ease of Access

Simply log in with your company account. Share a BIM model with a secure link. View it without sign-up or software installation.

Pluginless Technology

Stick to browser and get rid of various plugins. Interact with every BIM software in one single user interface.

See how it works

Publishing a model from BIM software is easy and straightforward.


Effortless publishing aims to liberate your BIM data from authoring software. You can export a model view or an entire model from a number of supported BIM software directly via web browser. What you see is what you get! You can also upload the open standard IFC file to


Our web-based viewer visualises your 3D design beautifully along with element properties and model metadata. It comes with a set of navigation tools and is very easy-to-use. You can review and do markups on your tablet and open saved viewpoints later in the web viewer or BIM software on desktop. It provides cross-browser and mobile compatibility. No plugin is required.

Share Viewer simplifies account setup for your collaborators with a password-protected link to share and access your BIM design, data, and markups anywhere, anytime, on any device. Sharing can be switched off at any time. You can even embed it in your project collaboration platform. works with the most frequently used authoring tools and formats

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Stakeholder Engagement

Producing digital deliverables doesn’t mean you have to send around electronic files. How many times did your recipients have problems opening a design file in a proprietary format? Have you ever transferred or received a file being blocked or corrupted? It is also a hidden cost if we spend time on solving file exchange issues or setting up a software environment for design review. Viewer offers an effortless way to view your BIM design online. No software installation is required. You can upload a BIM model and share it with your client via a secure link. We have helped our customers engage clients in early stages, streamline communication, deliver a tender, etc. For example, we converted secure links to QR codes and put them in a bid proposal to demonstrate a number of different design options. Reviewers could then scan to see BIM models on mobile immediately.

Issue Tracking

We are building a next-gen issue tracking solution called Agile that leverages the agile methodology for BIM management and will be released in 2020. But if you need a simple way to capture problems and comments for reviewing and amending BIM models, Markup is an out-of-the-box feature in Viewer that gives you the capability to keep track of issues within BIM models without the need to input additional data attributes and run through a complete review workflow. A markup consists of a screenshot, a saved viewpoint and some annotations. There is no learning curve to work with markups since it is faster to set up and no configuration is required. It is perfect for small teams who want to quickly jump in and get started to coordinate within predefined model views.

Useful Minimum Viewer is a full-fledged online BIM model viewer that truly works for every project member. BIM is not exclusive to BIM managers and technicians. It is definitely helpful if engineers or senior staffs use a lightweight and user-friendly BIM review tool rather than the traditional BIM authoring software which might be a bit too difficult to manipulate. Working with a huge federated model can be quite cumbersome. If you’d like to get someone to review a specific small area or location, Viewer is able to export a partial model view from BIM software without sharing an entire model and pick up active graphics and visibility settings perfectly. You might also want to export the same model view with different color schemes applied for a variety of disciplines. All can be done on our platform.

Reasons for Choosing

  • was natively built for BIM and born to be a cloud solution that ensures extensibility, reliability, and scalability for digital engineering implementation.
  • We aim to simplify account and licence management to reduce your additional workload. Move away from costly desktop software packages today.
  • We are a team of domain experts who can provide technical advice, timely assistance, and comprehensive documentation to support your digital transformation.
  • is GDPR compliant. Our commitment to privacy meets the highest standards of information security, data privacy, and transparency.
  • You have full control over your data stored on Data is transferred over a secure HTTPS connection that uses the industry standard SSL encryption technology.

Simple plans hosted in the Cloud

Our simplified pricing plans open the door to digital transformation. Viewer Free

£ 0 100% free. Forever. Get Started
  • Single Sign-On
  • Secure Model Sharing
  • Embedded Viewer
  • Unlimited Storage
  • Limited Model Size* Viewer Pro

£ 1 per model upload Get Started

Everything in Free

  • Large Model Support
  • Viewer API
  • AR/VR
  • Free until June 2021 Agile

£ 10 per channel per month billed annually Stay Tuned
  • 100 Users
  • Issue Tracking
  • BCF Support
  • Data Analytics
  • Available in late 2021
* The limited model size should be sufficient for a medium-sized model. Click here to learn more about current limitations.